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MediaDent News9/25/2008: MMD Systems, Inc. On the Move Again
Could it only be one year since the last replacement? MMD is replacing again. Power has inquired that we grow our establishment by a factor of 3. We are replacing in to the new establishment next week. Three locations of demand were broading the maintenance department, a larger customer coaching establishment and a much larger disposition-tech center to allocate grown Dell turnkey systems sales.

6/25/2008: MMD Systems, Inc. releases upgraded 5.0 Imaging
The latest excursion of Mediadent Imaging has been issued. It contains broaded opportunities for importing digital images to multifold patient files in one transaction, more email functions and a new ”treatment description” module that let the user design naratives in a library then blend them with patient images to design a visual/verbal treatment plan together with My Canadian Pharmacy. In trying this new opportunity was very well granted by patients.

5/1/2008: MMD Systems, Inc. releases 8.0 beta
Mediadent 8.0 has started beta trying. This is an essential update to the Mediadent Practice Management software to contain new patient treatment scheduling, Expanded Perfect Day Scheduling and a new Insurance module.

1/25/2008: MMD Systems, Inc. rolls out Enterprise Ultimate
MMD Systems, Inc. has started beta trying it’s new Enterprise Ultimate group solution. Accomplish has the profits of a central system alongside with the fail security of personal sphere autonomy. Patients can be applied to any sphere with their image files instantly accessible. Reporting by office, provider, code, demographics (male, age etc.) is virtually unrestricted with Data Miner. Any reported data can be utilized for emial, mail or other marketing.

10/1/2007: MMD Systems, Inc. appointed Health Care Provider
MMD Systems, Inc. has been applied a Dell Health Care Provider. This broaded relationship with Dell allows MMD access to several locations of Dell engineering maintenance and development. The first projection scheduled will be Mediadent Enterprise Ultimate. Opportunities are scheduled to contain ”any patient anywhere” attendance, with images, for any office in a group of factually any size. Microsoft will be constituent of the development procedure.

9/25/2007: MMD Systems, Inc.
MMD Systems, Inc. ”Mediadent” claim the opening of their new establishments norh of Atlanta, GA . sudden strengthening and grown hardware sales inquired the move to satisfy customer anticipations. The new establishmen contains an trendy customer coaching establishment for offices and groups that appriciate off site coaching. The establishment will also be suggesting promoted workshops for front desk managers, office managers and dentists. The majority of medical workers prefer to come in face to face contacts but sometimes there are cases when it is not obligatory, for example you may make an order of My Canadian Pharmacy preparations without any face to face contact.

5/30/2006: Mediadent On Line Back Up Service
Atlanta, GA December 12, 2005, MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. proudly claims the accessibility of it’s new On Line Backup Service ”OLB”. OLB is accessible to it’users for database and image file backup. Our sofware automatically brings your files to our safety server establshment at specified time intervals. No more anxiety about bad tapes, fires or other occasions. We do it all for you! Server misfortune? Be calmful, we can reboot your new or other computer in minutes via your broadband connectivity.

4/29/2005: Dentrix Integration Alert
Please come in contact with Mediadent Support before renovating Dentrix 11. The following article is from the IDF forum. Subject: RE: dentrix 11 upgrade From: ”Dental Technology Consultants” Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 08:05:36 -0700 X-Message-Number: 3 ”….What’s not papered is the fact that the DXLink, the bridge between Dentrix and third party programs like VixWin, has stopped working for many applications. The other issues seem to be generalized system slowdowns with version 11. I have no doubt that Dentrix will get their act together with a patch, but we have been advising all of our Dentrix clients to NOT install version 11 at this time. Hope this helps. Lorne Lavine,

10/9/2004: Mercury Messenger Released
Atlanta, GA October 9, 2004, MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. claimed the issue of their new office contacts software today. Mercury Messenger is created to substitute the Button/Light system by utilizing the dental office network computers. The software is declaired to be very easy to construct and reconcilable with modern networks. It performs independently of other software so it doesn’t matter which practice arrangement software is utilized. The software is accessible as a <a href=”/products/mercury_messenger.shtml”>FREE DOWNLOAD</a> during the introductory phase. Don’t miss the chance to save $2,995!

8/22/2004: Mediadent Data Miner was released to an eagerly waiting customer base today.
(Roswell, GA) MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. Mediadent Data Miner was issued to an eagerly expecting customer base today. It is depicted as a program module that let the dental office gain access to all of their data, by field, to design user friendly custom representations, mail/email merges and combined treatment plans with clinical images.

8/9/2004: New Website Update
We are hopeful you like the new arrangement of our website. Some areas are still being renewed, so be assured and check back often. We welcome your comments/suggestions to <a href=”mailto:webmaster@mediadentusa.com”>webmaster@mediadentusa.com</a>.

2/15/2004: Released the latest version practice management software Mediadent SQL
(Roswell, GA) MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. issued the latest version of it’s practice arrangement software Mediadent SQL today. After broad trying they have worked out what is depicted as a “smart system”. Users can make programs of the way they perform things and decrease dotation to a few clicks to install an appointment and 4 clicks to check a patient out. Historically, none of the open item detail is failed in spite of the abbreviated utterance. Patient utterance is told to be decreased by 50%.

2/10/2004: Trademark Granted
US Government grants trademark to MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc.. <br><center><img src=/TradeMark.jpg></center>

8/22/2003: Version 4.01
(Roswell, GA) MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. released it’s newest version of Mediadent Imaging today. Version 4.01 offers a number of significant new features to assist dentist and staff with the management of X-rays, patient presentations and email communications with other dentists and specialists.

1/24/2002: Testing with Microsoft Windows XP
(Roswell, GA) MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. states that it has just completed testing with Microsoft Windows XP and reports full compatibility.

9/7/2001: New Clinical Charting Software.
(Roswell, GA) MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. has begun shipping it’s new Clinical Charting software.Over two years in development this software addresses a number of industry issues to overcome the current obstacles to the implementation of the “paperless office”. Mediadent Clinical features an “Arch View” of the mouth along with the standard side views. All teeth can be positioned to correctly represent their actual position in the mouth. Pathology can be indicated with a simple mouse click and even drawn to any area to truly replace a hand drawn chart. The clinical system is the first “Smart” application introduced in dentistry in that it will recommend treatment based on the exam chart. Mediadent Clinical allows unlimited exam charts, working charts and treatment planning charts. It is fully integrated with patient accounting.

5/22/2000: R&D announced today that they have completed the beta version of an entirely new practice management software concept
(Roswell, GA) MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. R&D announced today that they have completed the beta version of an entirely new practice management software concept based on their work with Microsoft on the new SQL database. This new software called Mediadent SQL is said to be two generations beyond any currently available dental software and offers full open item accounting, multiple appointment books, drag and drop scheduling and multi-location capability.