Spanish somnologists and sexologists conducted researches to study influence of sleeping posture on increasing potency in men. They revealed the most correct postures that can increase libido, and «harmful» postures that cause erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Sleeping Postures

Lying on the Back

Choosing this posture for sleep is an effective remedy against impotence. «Lying on the back» position is recognized as the most correct for men’s health. In this case, the ideal option is to buy a small pillow or complete refusal from it. This is due to the fact that when your head is above the trunk, blood supply to brain worsens. As a result, pituitary gland practically ceases to produce hormones that affect reproductive function.sleeping postures for good erectionAn interesting fact, which was noted by Spanish scientists, says that during sleeping on the back, penis can function actively, while man often sees erotic dreams, which almost always result in pollination. In addition, this involuntary nocturnal ejaculation or pollination is an excellent prostate training, prevention of prostatitis and treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. And after all, according to statistics, prostatitis and erectile dysfunction are today considered the most common urological diseases in the stronger sex.

Also, excellent prevention of erectile dysfunction and improvement of potency is sleeping in a lying position on the back with slightly raised legs. Legs should be at an angle of about 10 ° C relative to the trunk. This position helps to improve blood flow to genitals and stimulate erection. In addition, it is generally beneficial for health of veins.

Lying on the Side

Sleeping in a «lying on the side» position is quite neutral with respect to male health. But it should be noted that the safest option is sleeping on the side with straightened or slightly bent legs. But posture with legs tightly pressed to abdomen can harm sexual health, because blood circulation of pelvic organs worsens due to decreased blood flow rate in blood vessels.

Lying Face-Down

Sleeping posture «lying face-down» is recognized as the most harmful for male potency. If a man constantly sleeps face-down, then under the mass of his body, arteries are pinched, which provide sexual organ with blood, and also all internal organs are pressed.

When speaking on the topic of sleep, it is also necessary to mention its duration. A healthy sleep and rest should take at least 9 – 10 hours a day. Without proper rest, sexual desire and potency are reduced.