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How Are Antibiotics Used in Dentistry?

How Are Antibiotics Used in DentistryBroad spectrum antibiotics are used in a wide variety of areas of medicine. Dentistry is no exception. This group of drugs helps to stop inflammation and prevent the development of complications of many diseases of the teeth and gums.

Why antibiotics are needed in dentistry?

Antibiotics are usually used in dentistry for inflammation of the gums and roots of teeth, with the development of flux, gingivitis, periodontitis and some other diseases that arise against the background of a rapid increase in the activity of pathogenic microflora. Poor quality oral hygiene leads to the proliferation of harmful bacteria, resulting in inflammation.

If you ignore the problem for a long time, the disease can lead to tooth loss. So, for example, in time, untreated caries develops into pulpitis, which eventually becomes chronic and leads to the development of even more severe complications. Antibiotics used in dentistry can stop inflammation, relieve pain, prevent further development of dental disease and save teeth.