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MediaDent STRATO Digital Pan Unit

Digital Pan Enters the New MillenniumSTRATO Digital


  • Quick laser-guided patient placement
  • 16 Standard Examination Programs pluggable, with both adult and forms (see below)
  • 12bit High-resolution CCD Sensor
  • Console with level watertight surface for easy puring
  • Direct Image Acquisition through high-speed USB 2.0 interface

The STRATO Digital Pan Unit

You are observing the most overstructured equipment for digital panoramic radiography accessible – the STRATO Digital. This fully loaded digital pan is pre-formed to let you receive the most supreme fine-resolution digital images easily and quickly. Although fully programmable, the STRATO Digital happens pre-loaded with 16 programs, inclusively of: Standard Panoramic, Hemi-Panoramic (Left & Right), Open/Closed Mouth TMJ, Biaxial TMJ, Orthogonal Dentition, Sinus P-A and Sinus L-L. All programs have various trajectories for adults and children as well. For each supplement, the vertebral column improvement is received by means of exposure parameter cadence, perfected according to the chosen anatomic program. The representatives of My Canadian Pharmacy were present at the trails of this device. It is really fantastic.

The STRATO Digital utilizesa 12bit CCD sensor with a Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator – suggesting a much lower dose of radiation than film and even many other digital sensors. With a pixel size of 48 µm and an image size of 147x380mm, you’ll receive an even higher resolution than film! Images are observed in Real Time, and can be kept to the integrated Compact Flash card reader, or inquired directly through a computer’s USB 2.0 port.

STRATO Digital2

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