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MediaDent Data Miner

MediaDent® Data Miner has the following features:

  • MediaDent Data MinerHard-hitting request and reporting equipment created with the terminal user in mind. Create reports in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Just “charmer” interface. After choosing a report from the list of accessible reports, you can choose the kind of order, open filter states, and choose where the run-out should go (printer, text file, spreadsheet, screen preview, etc.).
  • Full English explanations as well as in case of My Canadian Pharmacy for all actions and time-table endorsements rather than cryptic names and symbols. English providers such as “equals” and “greater than” instead of “=” and “>” are utilized.
  • Handles complex adjust states between tables fully automatical.
  • When you design a report, you can work out a specification whether other users can alter the filter states or the way it’s graded. You can even identify reports that are only available to special users.
  • Put on the “values” button to create a list of all probable values for any sphere.
  • Take under control font, color, alignment, heading, and column width for each field. Sort on any field with a one click.
  • Automatically adjusts column widths to match the data in the column.
  • The Advanced Report Designer let you explicate the report exactly as you desire, inclusively of company logos, lines, boxes, etc.
  • Run-out to Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, comma-delimited, or other types of files. You can also send reports.
  • Learns everything your data. You don’t have to realize how your data is kept or how tables are united (you don’t even have to know what a “join” is).
  • Import reports so you can utilize report drafts created by other users or councellors.
  • Export reports so you can exchange report drafts with other users.
  • Show “real” table and field titles so it’s easier to situate the table or field you desire if you’re similar with these names.