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Practice Management

Mediadent SQL

SQL Server 2005MediaDent SQL Practice Management® is grounded on the strongest equipment suggested from the Microsoft® Visual Studio Development Suite. Having reliance on a native Microsoft® SQL database engine produces the good unbeatable tempo for data extraction creating it the quickest good on the market. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® is created and worked out with the multiply-user, and multiply-area transactions interiorly. It leads on Windows NT, 2000, and XP Microsoft® platforms. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® also uses Crystal® Reports to evolve factually any announcement or chart in the view of presentation. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® brings the most zoomed and efficient and cost – effective settlements in the healthcare industry provided together with My Canadian Pharmacy. Our latest Practice Navigator TM let multi-area transactions gain access to all data company-wide. All staff and administrative duty can be satisfied from the headquarters or any other personal practice. Protected sites expel privacy concerns and let patients gain access to their records, dental history, appointments, and doctors. Gain access to all data and accounts is to be never as easy to get to know Windows Explorer motif-based user interface. You cannot envision how easy it is to utilize!

Practice Management

MediaDent SQL Practice Management - Navigator

  • Easy to utilize motif-based user interface.
  • First-hand procedure makes it easy to get to know.
  • All patient recordsis just in one click.

Appointment Book

Appointment Book

  • Easy to utilize motif-based user interface.
  • First-hand procedure makes it easy to get to know.
  • All patient recordsis just in one click.
  • Hot and Hold list grants the greatest adaptability in planning and re-planning.
  • Easy to utilize Quick Fills decrease the number of points in planning the most general multiline item instrumentation, (like recall) for patient attendances.
  • Automatical recall instrumentation planning: with one putting of the button you will find the first accessible recall instrumentation for patients grounded on recall periodicity.
  • Agenda destroyed and countermanded instrumentations to decrease future “no shows”.
  • Pre-arresting opportunities let staff increase to maximum manufacture.
  • Ideal-Day planning structure.
  • User identified color-coding for instrumentation profiles decreases particular causes of appointments not being justified.
  • “Waiting for Doctor” profile is intensive for clinical staff to caution the Doctor that the patient is ready to be examined.

The One-Click System That Lets You Practice By The Book
hand_mouse Go ahead: double, even triple your appropriations. Its a snap for MediaDent SQL Practice Management®. The ‘one click’ appropriation book stores all patient information up-to-date for each appropriation. The outcome? Doctors and staff go on spending their time brought focuse on the clinical and profit-making significant to your strengthening experience, not storing with enhancing piles of paperwork, or worse yet, redaction problems designed when you can’t store with all the details.

MediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s ‘one-click’ system makes it easy to trace patient and dentist plans. You can examine findings by doctor, hygienist, accessible time or units. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® accelerates checkout, inclusively of the processes of operation entry, assurance and payment procedure, and forming walkout utterances. At any time and with just a common click you can overview the entire office’s capacity at a look: current office status, patients in the office, daily or weekly attendance planning.time_shell

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® implies dramatic enhancement in the effectiveness of the most critical factors of your practice. You can easily arrest experience time for specific processes, plans, or special cases. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® grants you an immediate look at any patient’s status, inclusively of each patients history of destroyed or deallocated attendances. Itmakes automatical acknowledgment notes as well as avoidances. The ‘drag and drop’ function makes it easy for dentists to operate with an amount of patients synchronously, making trace of multifold patients inclusively of color-coded status and medical readiness and operatories on the same screen. Because this is how you desire to lead your experience, everything runs directly from the attendance book.

Microsoft® SQL Server


  • Faster Database Engine and Data Access.
  • Scalable-Network can grow with you.
  • More Stable Network Environment.
  • Secure Data Center.
  • Redundancy and Data Replication.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Reduced Operational Costs.
  • Superior Performance.
  • Remote Network Administration.

Accounting According to Accepted Principles

Account Ledger

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® is the outcome of four years of investigation and extension by specialists in taking into consideration and financial administration software. It is the only dental experience administration good created in accordance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the accounting industry standard. That not only implies a more able and movable system, but substantial financial representations that are correct, timely and helpful. This empower instant Aging and Accounts Receivable. It supplies a concrete picture of your accounts receivable for any period of customer payment history you select day, month, or year, even a period in the past. A point that is genuine to MediaDent SQL Practice Management®.

Finance Charges Treatment Plan

Comprehensive, Flexible System

  • Instant Aging and Accounts Receivable supplies a explicit picture of your accounts receivable for any period of customer payment history you select day, month, or year, even a period in the past.
  • Another point that is genuine to MediaDent SQL Practice Management®.
  • Appraised Production allows you to define objections for each member of the experience and your staff.
  • Daily Cash Flow makes a comparison with efficiency to manifacturing appraises.
  • Representations make it easy for arrangement to trace manifacture; collection and operations finished all the details important for performing a financially sound experience.
File Insurance Claims Claim Details

Resolves the Insurance Dilemma

  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® traces insurance plan profits, inclusively of arranged care plans per capita, with distinctive precision. You bill abandonee and patient rightly every time, expelling the greatest concern with accounts receivable and collections, unfaithful billing and adverse patient feedback.
  • Filing claims electronically implies filing straightway. Improve time of process by two to three weeks. Your office can file claims with insurance companies in well-balanced packages to accelerate processing and payment time-lag from the carriers.
  • Automated links let you to request insurance companies for patient personal information.
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® automatically and continuously traces the status of all your requests.

Efficiencies of the Paperless Office

  • Your staff operates from the MediaDent SQL Practice Management® screens, expelling the demand to compose representations. Collections and Aging, Outstanding Claims, Patient Recall — your staff possesses all the information in one click on a personal screen to operate each significant affair.
  • Plus, MediaDent SQL Practice Management® greeted the dental industry’s first interface with the Internet in 1998. Affirm attendances, concern recalls and bring utterances via e-mail. All suggest essential savings for the office and included assurance for many of your patients.
Work Collections and Aging Work Recall

Simplifies Fee Scheduling and Plan Development

  • How often do you come across with the dismaying outlook of reconstructing your charges? MediaDent SQL Practice Management® grants you the equipment to make the analysis of your billing experiences at a look, and make aimed regulations. Beginning from note to dsign a charge plan is a thing of the previous.
  • Your experience can come in contact with any number of insurance plans andkinds of coverage ease of use. The system makes automatically the establishment of all intelligence and profit information for each carrier and every patient, inclusively of arranged care patients.

Simplifies Payment to Providers by Collection

  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® grants you the capability to trace lab prices by supplier and prints this price out on the Collections by Provider representation.
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® grants you the capability to supplement ‘Memo Credits’ to your charge plans. This is extremely helpful for huge arranged care experiences where decreased charges cause collections by supplier to be misstated.
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® can import filling in files for PPO and Capitation plans and gauge the filling in so you are informed you are accessing the proper monthly remuneration.

Comprehensive Lab Case Tracking

  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® traces all lab occasions by lab, by patient and by attendance. With the Work Lab Cases screen you can possess lab labour and understand the actual price, phone patients that do not have an attendance, phone labs for patients that have attendances but you have not possessed the lab labour.

The World’s Most Advanced Dental Charting System

Charting - Arch ViewMediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s Charting is our most generated charting software ever. It is a highly able, 32-bit system with unapproachable tooth alignment exhibition. MediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s Charting supplies on-screen recuperative and pericemental charts with all equipment, tools and pathologies. It let you collocate the tooth in its exact location.

  • Charts show actual alignment and outcomes of examinations. Appeal the teeth for colorful, graphic, easy-to-realized exhibitions to patients. Exact charting groundbreaking improves the patient medical notification over traditional charting approaches.
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s Charting shows and traces any processes. Select your equipment, your pathology and any material, and exhibit the treatment. Its all on display in the chart. Charting - Side View
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s Charting registers your every activity labourless. Utilie your mouse to chart progress. It is so developed it gives responses to your voice instructions, showing the process as you operate it. While you are attending your examination, MediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s Charting designs a offered treatment plan grounded on the way you have a practice. As soon as you are completed with observing the patient, is instantly accessible to give to the patient, finish with prices, insurance and patient estimations, and insurance claim codes; another feature geniune to MediaDent SQL Practice Management®.
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management®’s Charting is fully consolidated. Every exam, process and treatment plan in associated into the patient registration and is available at one click. As a result, it dramatically improves patient admission of treatment plans.

Complete, Integrated Practice Management


  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® let instant have access to extended patient registartions, inclusively of registration and demographics, insurance coverage and attendances details. The system supplies account equlibrium and aging details, inclusively of the breakdown between what is owed by the patient and the insurance carrier, and stores a registration of all reminders and notifications. It even let you have access to the patients finish medical registration online.
  • Is your experience run by its unprejudiced activities? MediaDent SQL Practice Management® let the front desk and operatories collaborate at unprecedented levels of effectiveness. Graphical and convenient charting flow record storing in the operatory and makes it easy for the office staff to trace the operating, observation, and planning status of every patient. The system combines a advanced treatment offer that unites the graphical equipment alignment along with treatment plan shows to strengthen not only office effectiveness, but also patient compliance, realization and acceptance.
  • MediaDent SQL Practice Management® not only distributes the attendance book-grounded experience, but also flows it by expelling hand-written attendances and bringing one-click access to advanced supplement information. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® assists you to arrest experience time; it automates confirmation notes and savess you up-to-date on called off attendances. It gives you a multifold of ways to witness at your attendance plans.

The Speed of a Server Based SQL Server from Anywhere

files MediaDent SQL Practice Management® places from a file-grounded database supplement to a server-grounded supplement. This places the resource generous functions from the computer work station to the server. Great beta testers have witnessed enhancements in functions like Aging. What utilized to spend an hour to manifacture a representation now only takes two minutes. These type of achievements are a direct outcome to utilizing to Microsoft® SQL Server.

  • Faster Database Engine and Data Access.
  • Scalable-Network can grow with you.
  • More Stable Network Environment.
  • Secure Data Center.
  • Redundancy and Data Replication.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Reduced Operational Costs.
  • Superior Performance.
  • Remote Network Administration.

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® has all of the outstanding functionality found in most competitive products, but also offers the added performance of client/server technology as well as the added power and functionality of a SQL Server. Why does client/server design offer additional performance? Let us take a moment to look at this concept.

In a traditional program, the application is loaded on the client and the data is loaded onto the server. The data is put on the server so that everyone uses and updates the same set of data. When a client puts in a request for the data, the request travels through the network from the client to the server. Once it reaches the server, large quantities of data are sent back across the network to the client from where the query is run. This process can take a significant amount of time when the database size is large. There are many opportunities for data request collisions if more than one client is requesting the same data. When a collision occurs, the database application must lock one of the users out to avoid database corruption. Locking increases the amount of time it takes a user to complete a requested operation.

client_serverIn a customer/server program, most of the labour is operated on the server. When a customer requests for data, the inquiry is brought to the server. The server receives the inquiry and operates the processing utilizing the data on the server. Once it is finished, the server sends only the inquired information back to the customer. Since much less data is replacing across network lines, there is less chance for a cooperation with other potential inquires. This reduces network traffic considerably and accelerates things up for the user.

Performance Enhancing Stored Procedures

  • Data processing is fast; thanks to the usage of kept operations. In database management systems (DBMSs), a kept operations is a group of operational code utterances, called and performed as a unit. Kept operations are sustained on the server. This implies that when the customer invocates the kept operation, only the calling of the kept operation is brought across network lines. All the code is performed on the server.
  • Kept operations are also sustained in a precompiled condition. The server doesnt need to waste time composing the code when the inquiry is carried out. The inquiry performs straightway. Both of these kept operations points make a contribution to an even quicker processing opportunities.

Rock-Solid Reliability

  • One of the most important criteria in a database management system is reliability particularly when your entire enterprise depends on it. Thats why SQL Server uses transaction logging. Transaction logging means that the transaction is logged before a database modification is attempted. If something happens during the operation, like a power outage, the database uses the log to revert back to its last consistent state of operation.
  • Without transaction logging, an event like a power outage could cause corruption and necessitate database restoration from the last backup. Information entered after the backup was made would have to be re-keyed. Transaction logging is one reason SQL Server application should be used when it is absolutely critical that the database not be brought down.

Integrated Securitychain

  • In order to gain access MediaDent SQL Practice Management® data, the user must go through three levels of protection. The first level is autorization. Through Windows 2000/2003 the user comes in a login to gain access to the system.
  • The second level of protection is database allowance legalization and is controlled through SQL Server when the user fires up MediaDent SQL Practice Management®. In this level, MediaDent SQL Practice Management® boundaryless comes in a second login. SQL Server utilizes this login to define which databases and tables the user has rights to have access to and use.
  • The third level of protection is application allowance legalization and is controlled by MediaDent SQL Practice Management®. This third login is utilized to define which experiences (in a multi practice installation) and which menu points the user has allowance to utilize. If the user does not have a necessary allowance, that experience or menu point will not occur in the motif-based user interface.

Enterprise-Wide Scalability

  • Database Size — MediaDent SQL Practice Management® has the pass-through function to strengthen to a terabyte size (1,000,000 megabyte) database. Monthly adopting the size of the database as it strengthens is not obligatory due to SQL Servers dynamic self-ruling.
  • Concurrency — MediaDent SQL Practice Management® does not have a ceiling on the amount of users that it can control and is constricted only by the hardware and SQL Server. Microsoft states that SQL Server can control over 4000 concurrent users involving up to 18 million database requests daily.

Open Database

laptopsMediaDent SQL Practice Management® data is kept on the server in a SQL Server database. During normal usage, data is gained access via the MediaDent SQL Practice Management® client software. Nevetherless, if you have the obligatory protective refining, you can gain access to the data directly utilizing other equipment such as Access, Excel or Word from the client machine.

Open DatabaseThisimpliess that you can look for the database for new interrelations, create new presentations or deliver the data to another supplement like Excel right from your desktop. Microsoft goods are created to combine seamlessly, so granting access to the data with Microsoft Office is simple. You can also gain access the data with other goods by utilizing ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). ODBC is a standard designed by the SQL Access Group that let various databases communicate with each other through a generic documentation sheet. So whether you are utilizing a Microsoft equipment or not, you have combined tools to gain access to the data reserved on the server.

The profits of MS SQL Server 2005 do not arrest there. MS SQL Server 2005 is web conscious. Implying it can be accessed by factually any approach today. Our software can have a connection to a MS SQL database through the Internet with no abnormal setup concerns. This let various establishments to have a connection, observation, and redact data, inclusively of a headquarters, in real time, without huge distance phone bills or midnight present-day data where you are always losing something. Through all this and the other establishments data occurs right next to your own thanks to the Practice Navigator. Alongside with simple, easy relation comes safety. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 meets essential new security improvements, not only suggesting the greatest level of safety accessible in the industry, but also making it much easier to reach that higher level of assurance and security to the combination of your data. To begin with, SQL Server 2005 constructs with a much higher level of defaulted securities, receiving advantage of the combined safety of Windows® 2000/2003 or Windows SBS 4.5 right out of the box. This makes server lock down in manifacturing the environments easier and faster.

For more information about the benefits and robust features of Microsoft® SQL Server, visit Microsofts SQL website at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/

Software Integration

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® unites clear as a whistle with all Microsoft Office constituents. You can export a MediaDent SQL Practice Management® representation into an Excel insert for analysis with just a putting on a button. You can replace the representation into Word for evoluation or transfiguration. Use Mail to send the report where its needed.

Dental Specific
MediaDent SQL Practice Management® integrates seamlessly with all industry leading Digital X-ray and Imaging software packages such as: MediaDent, Schick CDR, Vipersoft, DICOM Imaging Suite, Trophy, Dexus and the list goes on and on.

Ease of Use

Intuitive Functionality
It is estimated that Microsoft Windows is the operating system on over 90% of the desktops in business today. That makes Windows the most common user interface in the world. MediaDent SQL Practice Management® looks and feels familiar to users because it was developed using 100% Microsoft tools which translates into a reduced learning curve.

Practice Navigator
The Practice Navigator operates enormous functions into one screen. Additionally to all system files, explicit information about a patient is a very easy research. Everything from Accounts and Appointments to Ticklers and Treatment Plans, even Family Members and charting, are simply to receive and redact. The System Files menu from preceding variants is not a menu any longer. All of its points are added in the Practice Navigator under System Files. The Practice Navigator operates like many other Windows supplements, such as Windows Explorer. There is tree style directions on the left of the screen, while information relative to the chosen point is shown in the right side of the screen.

Pick Lists
Simply selected an entry with the fingerboard or the mouse to have it automatically entered in the field. Other search fields are also available. For example, you can quickly find a patient by entering ID, name, or Social Security Number.

Drill Down Capability
Examination with details make it easier to receive information from where you are located. Some types have sphere name brands that are stood out. You canput on these with your mouse to deliver up the property screen for whatever point it is that your mouse is directly over with one simple click.

reportsCustom Reports Using Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports is an excellent reporting tool that is extremely popular. It integrates seamlessly with MediaDent SQL Practice Management®. As with the Access reporting tool mentioned earlier, you can save reports designed with Crystal Reports and enter them as a MediaDent SQL Practice Management® menu item(s).

Custom Reports Using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
MediaDent SQL Practice Management® users have yet another reporting option available: Online Analytical Processing or OLAP. SQL Server supports OLAP. It allows you to report on any or all of the data collected with MediaDent SQL Practice Management®. Through Online Analytical Processing, you can literally comb through the data to find associations, sequences or patterns that may otherwise go undiscovered.

E-Business Solutions

Internet Integration without Coding
MediaDent SQL Practice Management® admits e-mail and web addresses as a data category. This implies that MediaDent SQL Practice Management® can keep client and purveyor e-mail and Web addresses. If you have Internet Explorer, when you put on a Web address, the Web page will occur. Additionally, if you have Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, or any other MAPI-compliant electronic mail, a new addressed e-mail message is designed when you put on an e-mail address.

All representations can be performance as an HTML file so you can easily post the report to an intranet or the Internet.

Internet Integration with Coding
MediaDent SQL Practice Management® utilizes SQL Server to keep the subjacent databases. These databases can be easily generated with the Web with Microsofts Active Server Pages. MediaDent Practice Management has noted a basis utilizing Active Server Pages that can be easily individuated to your exact specifity. These basys measures can supply unmatched Internet Integration.

Patients can overview account history, redact personal demographic, medical history, insurance coverage, employment, make payments, reprint statements, assure appointments, look for and enquire appointments, to call just a few.

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® can make the obligatory supplements/shifts for you or you can utilize your own ASP/Web Developer.

Single-Source E-Business Solutions
MediaDent Practice Management estimates that electronic trading has appeared of age. In accordance to self-sufficient predictions, electronic trading will have more than $300 billion by the year 2002. That is more in comparison with $8 billion in 1997. Indisputable, gaining access to the database that keeps patient and account record is absolutely natural to network business. We are formed to supplying you with the best electronic business decisions accessible that carry out with the HIPAA standards.

ecommerceResulting, we are re-emerging our e-business goods that were initiallly grounded in 1998 (Years ahead of the competition). They utilize introducing standard equipment. The MediaDent SQL Practice Management® e-business decisions are grounded on the BizTalk framework. BizTalk is an industry undertaking begun by Microsoft that is maintained by a huge amaunt of establishments. BizTalk is a society of standards users who exchange the objective of runnig the rapid, consistuent inoculation of XML (Extensible Markup Language) to perform electronic business and application integration.

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® is corresponding to the BizTalk Framework when posting plans in XML and utilizing XML messages. This let establishments easily generate MediaDent SQL Practice Management® with other software programs and to adjust it for electronic business utilizing XML.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Practices

The Practice Navigator in MediaDent SQL Practice Management® consists of all the experiences in the tree view. Turning and looking for between experiences is a snap. Additionally the Appointment Book and all Working Screens (i.e.: Work Collections, Work Outstanding Claims, Work Recall, etc.) all have an area selection point that let users at any site be performing in multiple practices synchronically.

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® equips a unbelievable convenience if you inquire a wide area network (WAN) due to remote areas. Because of the very low frequency domain inquired per client to gain access the SQL Server, perfect capacity can be reached with an Internet connection.

When utilizing an Internet connection, sefetness is supported through what is named a virtual private network (VPN). In a VPN, data is dispatched in packages from one server to another via the Internet. These packages are ciphered and can only be deciphered by the expedient deriving server. This precludes the capability of your data being observed by undesired guests. This implies that users in New York and San Francisco can both be performing synchronically in MediaDent SQL Practice Management® for the price of an Internet connection.

MediaDent SQL Practice Management® can be formed to control in an enormous hude sphere cooperation arrangements, discuss with your MediaDent Practice Management Sales Representative or your Value Added Reseller for the decision and technique that is correct for you and your establishment.