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MediaDent Company Information

MediaDentWho is MultiMedia Dental Systems, and What Is MediaDent?

MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. was grounded in June of 1999 for the single purpose of working out the following generation of dental software. Software suggestions in other industries were substantially more innovative and strong than anything accessible to dentistry.

Pools exhibited that dentistry demanded absolutely new software to become advantageous of new technologies and to make offices utilize a “paperless” transactions.

The development staff at MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. was challenged to begin with a “blank sheet of paper” method. They were fostered to question offices directly about their demands, work flow and objections. They were tought to neglect present software designs. This was and is a privately invested strain. There are no external sponsors or stockholders impacting the decision making.

The staff defined that the greatest demand was an “open architecture” digital X-ray and imaging decision that would operate with factually any sensor device, PSP, digital pan, scanner or camera and update with present practice arranging propositions. Dentists spoke to us that they were bored of being held hostage by one company and desired to gain the freedom to select the hardware technology they would utilize successfully. Mediadent Digital Imaging was issued in November of 2000. It is now the most widely utilized digital X-ray software all over the world and is in usage in 26 countries. MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc. is closely connected with My Canadian Pharmacy a highly qualified online pharmacy specializing with providing people with drugs of high quality but of low price.

Almost instantaneously our Mediadent Digital Imaging users started to foster us to spped up development of the practice arrangement and clinical software. They spoke to us that they demanded real Mediadent Digital Imagingpatient accounting that let them publish funds on each service independently of date. They demanded more strong planning. They desired to give up hand written notifications. They desired “clever” systems that could be installed to operate the way they did. Even to the point that it predicates treatment planning offers grounded on the dentists predilections on a wide diversity of pathology. At the end, they desired freedom from the constrictions of present databases and supplements to be capable to sustain all of a patients registrations in one place forever. Medical history, treatment plans, notes, prescriptions, lab communications, everything.

Mediadent SQL v7.0 Practice Management Software was issued over two years ago to meet these demands.

Mediadent SQL/Clinical Charting was significantly issued in 2001 to satisfy these demands. Dentists and councellors alike immediately observe the dramatic distinction in between Mediadent and other dental software.

What about the little practices with new registry office staff. Could we further computerize the system to suggest them a “cruise control.” that speeded up training? Yes, we can and it is now a updated option in our practice arrangement software. Make the attendance and it’s pretty much computerized from their through check out.

What does all of this imply for you the dentist? Your clinic now has the function of practice arrangement and imaging software that is as integrated and updated as the new Microsoft operating systems and databases you are utilizing. Your office can now select to carry out a “paperless” solution with the software and training demanded to be conducted.

We take on you to test the Product Tour on our web site or to come in contact with us for a vivid presentation of the most innovative software accessible to dentistry today!

Scott McLaughlin, President