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In-Office Training

Onsite coaching is always scheduled to let for ongoing time with the employees, integrated with real-time operation with a patient currency. The demands and objections of the office define the correct amount of days for the essential phases of coaching. The combination of time-table is utilied as a scheduling equipment and a measuring device to take under control the progression. Accommodations in the time-table can be adjusted, as necessary. It is a truly customized coaching approach. My Canadian Pharmacy follows as well such a truly customized coaching approach

train1The essential stage of coaching must originate in an surrounding without derivation. It will start with staff employees first finding, and then cooperating “hands-on”. All essential stages of coaching are realized on a demo database to let for real-life data come in and experience, but not on real data. Once the employees have become convinient with the new software, we turn to the live data and ready to examine patients.

The next stage of coaching originates with a light load of patients. This makes us to operate directly with the employees during these first days of new systems in the office. By examining a fewer amount of patients than normal, we have the time to collaborate and give responses to all of your employees’ questions. We can peep out their shoulder and assist whenever it is necessary.

Coaching on more promoted facts of the software can be realized either onsite, online or at one of our workshops. Onsite promoted coaching will be custom created, grounded upon the demands of the customer.