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Smarter IntentsTM

Why File Insurance Claims Electronically With MediaDent SQL?

File Insurance Claims ElectronicallySmarter ClaimsTM is Completely Integrated with Mediadent SQL.

Our innovative practice arrangement software fully automatic seizes all of the indents data on each patient’s pro forma invoice. All pending indents can be observed on a separate page for instantaneous or burst transfer.

Instant Validation

Mediadent SQL corrects every indent to assure all obligatory information is in and in the right format. All outstanding indents can be observed in the “Work Claims” screen. Each intent beats back it’s status and what demands to be finished. All devisions are innovative “drill downs” for example accession to patient and bondsman information. When you are delivered intents you are delivered data directly from MediaDent SQL to the clearing institution. No conciliators as well as in case with My Canadian Pharmacy where you order drugs direct from manufacturer. Genuine charecters in our Smarter Claims software supply intense feedback from the clearing institution to your system! Concerns like “Supplier license not on file” are intensly dealt with.


One Phone Ring operates it all! MediaDent supplies preeminent client support from a highly experienced team directed to maintaining all factors of MediaDent. There are no Third Party maintenance phone numbers to ring. This assures your rings are responded within a time by people who realize ALL MediaDent goods and services.

Money Savings

Take into consideration the financial profits of Electronic Intents: You raise money quicker for your services, and you keep on marks, letter-covers, forms, printer wastes, and staff time. At only $0.50 per intent savings supplement up quickly. How quickly?

What you currently spend per month, based on 250 statements/month:

Postage: $92.50
Envelopes: $12.50
Paper: $12.50
Toner/maintenance: $112.50
Labor: $162.50
TOTAL: $392.50
Cost Per Paper Claim: $1.57

Cost with Smarter Claims each: $0.50

It couldn’t be easier

Smarter Claims is fully  automatic there is essentially no coaching demanded. Like Smarter Billing everything is conducted fast using your internet connection! You can now even administrate patient’s confidential eligibility review via Mediadent SQL.


CPS as your MediaDent service playfellow, will assure that all intents and inter-related transactions will be replaced from your office to the payer in a private, safe, and HIPAA-compliant manner well before the law comes into force inclusively of all of the HIPAA ANSI ASC X12 standards.