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Full Face Imaging

products imax 3NO MORE FMX! MediaDent® declares what you have been expecting for! Full Face Imaging with the examination element you demand to exchange time demanding, inconvenient and too expensive FMX series in your office! New Cesium Iodide sensor matrix with MediaDent medical well qualified imaging manufacture an image that has the deduction to witness the element you must have! MediaDent AI (artificial intelligence) scheme develops the initial description before you watch it and chooses the correct tools to see maximum the image detail.

  • Patient Presentations: Just move the wheel on your mouse to assort and zoom on the image. Exhibit the patient everything in a extensive “tour of their mouth”. Argue bone level, TMJ, implant placement, periodontal conditions, everything is correct at your fingertips with the great supplement of PA like detail!
  • Turnkey Installation: We construct the point and software, unite it to your practice arrangement software, practice your staff and maintain the good. On site service is added the peculiar purchase price.
  • Film Users: You are wasting more to utilize film than the lease installment payment on this digital and innovative technology. Keep 45 minutes or more each day in the hygienics rules.
  • Sensor Users: Keep all that time in the hygienics rules and the wear and tear on your sensors.

MediaDent software has been expecting for a innovative technology with the sensibility to create this methodic probable. A quick Online Presentation is a wonderful first step. It’s here now!
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