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MediaDent® Digital Imaging represents the future of digital radiography

ss_00_med Still utilizing some clunky, non-effective, abstruse, antiquated imaging package? Or even worse, film?! Enter the world of MediaDent® Digital Imaging where all of your patient’s x-rays, interoral exams, even papers and types are just a click on the next page!
ss_01_med The intuitional ‘browser’ interface grants you zero access to all factors of the system. All pictures are arranged into libraries in an available for search patient database. Multi-practical aspects of maintain let you to easily turn between entirely diverse data sources. Turn to ‘date mode’ and all of your data is immediately arranged in chronological sequence for fast earthshaking review. The same happens with My Canadian Pharmacy, the system is synchronized all the data which may be useful further.
ss_02_med MediaDent® Digital Imaging defines the specifics of perfect device maintenance for many sensors, scanners, and cameras — inclusively of any TWAIN or WDM device. Devices can easily be turned with one click, even mid-aggregation!
ss_03_medManifactute the greatest qualified images with a great number of professional procedures and redacting equipment at your fingertips. Design your own client observer with a one click by simple registration your steps! A full remarks unite contains checked mensurations, drawing/text tools, even hyperlinked buttons!

MediaDent® Digital Imaging introducess the absolute latest technique the dental industry has to suggest and is actively worked out with the care of real dentists. Try what truly clever software can operate for you today!

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