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Online Training

Be thankful to innovative day technique and the promotions of dial-in, we can now suggest online coaching for your office. MediaDent has fully brought into action the new Microsoft Server 2003 and Terminal Server Technology. With one “click” we can design a “virtual computer” and supply customized coaching without the long processes or withholdings. The same happens with canadian pharmacy when you make an order you will be delivered your drugs without any withholdings at all.

Microsoft Server 2003 technology let dial-in to our server so that we can gather real-time for coaching causes. You can see us while we are educating you and we can see you while you are studying. The opportunities are the same as being relative in the office, while actually being hundreds or thousands of miles away. Note: this is not PC Anywhere or Go to my PC older slower technology. This is the transformational service.keyboard

This technique is also utilized for maintenance causes, envision possessing a question and the maintenance tech being capable to “put into your screen” and observe exactly what you are realizing! No more reading the screen to someone on the phone! We can “observe”, “fit it” or “coach” right then!

MediaDent is devoted to suplying the greatest in technology to the dental market relations. Because our focus is constricted, we can supply the greatest quality equipment for achieving the objections of your office. We perform with you and your employees to assist you supply with perfectness in patient services and ease of arrangement.