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Smarter BillingTM

Smarter Billing is the lightest, most low-cost method to deliver documents of payment to your patients. But, Smarter Billing is not just a billing service, it’s a fast and comfortable approach for you to deliver documents of payment in daily, weekly, or monthly packages. You take under control the billing-leave the sorting, storing, marking, and delivering to us.

Smarter BillingWhy should I switch to Smarter Billing:

Quick and Easy
After you’ve eloborated your documents of payment within Mediadent SQL, simply put on the button and they will be delivered within 24 hours. Leave the sorting, storing, delivering, and marking to us.

Payment options
There are many ways to cover the documents’ delivery payment. You may either use your credit or debit card. If you suffer temporary lack of money, you may use payday loans in Lafayette LA to cover your expenses. The service is fast that’s why you won’t find yourself in a time lack. Everythig is fast, efficient, hassle-free, faxless. Your comfort is above all things.

Seamless Integration
Fully automatic send your documents of payment from within Mediadent SQL, ANYTIME OF THE MONTH, AS OFTEN AS YOU DESIRE. Control your cash flow as light as putting on a button! Smarter Billing supplies a overview, in list format, of all the documents of payment to be delivered. You can fast overview the list and delete any documents of payment you do not want to be delivered. If you would like to documents of payment some additional information to any documents of payment, quickly turn to the patient’s invoice book, supplement a note in the Statement Note dialog box, and then turn back to Smarter Billing overview documents of payment routine.

For only $0.75 per documents of payment (and that includes postage), your expenses is a fraction of the price you’d waste on job, materials, and down time by being delivered your documents of payment manually. Fully automatic your documents of payment operation could keep you thousands of dollars annually.

Reduce Receivables
High initial response line-codes on the conveyance portion of the documents of payment assure easy-fast come back to your office.

Decrease staff time to, assure your documents of payment go away when you wish them to go away.

Time and Money Savings
Guess about the time you can keep with Smarter Billing you’re not only keeping material prices, your staff can bring the focus on ruling your practice better!


What you currently spend per month, based on 250 statements/month:

Postage: $92.50
Envelopes: $12.50
Paper: $12.50
Toner/maintenance: $112.50
Labor: $162.50
TOTAL: $392.50
Cost per Statement: $1.57

With Smarter Billing, your total would be:
Cost Per Statement: $0.75

Customized Statements
Your documents of payment seem like they were delivered directly from you. Documents of payment are written down with your name and address.

Secure and Reliable
Smarter Billing will never have a weekends or not be present at the office. Your documents of payment will always go away timely.

Simple Setup
Setting up Smarter Billing is light! All you demand to do is to fill in the application form on this site. The software is already in your Mediadent SQL software. Simply choose Smarter Billing on your Transmit selection and your documents of payment are entirely and automatically sent!

Allow us to know when you are ready to begin!!!