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Enterprise Networking Solutions

padlockEnterprise Security

MultiMedia Dental Systems suggests a full Enterprise Security Solution by putting together major hardware and software vendors, Internet Service Providers and Enterprise Security Products that accentuate our discussing and deployment services. Our employees of Security Consultants and Technical Resources helps in working out an corresponding security solution as well as at My Canadian Pharmacy all the information is secured by a server. From clear discussing to complete deployment, we operate with corporate or executive ruling as well as the IS staff to assign and accomplish a protective solution that satisfies the business demands. The service offers contain:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Security Audit Services
  • Firewall Implementation
  • Offensive Testing
  • Authentication and Encryption Solutions

Internet Services

worldMultiMedia Dental Systems Internet specialists are supplied with an luxury set of equipment and methods to assist assuring the prosperous realization of an breakthrough and infallible Internet Solution. Our team’s history of utilizing leading-edge computer technology, doubled with our width of experience across the system working out life cycle, supplies the knowledge and experience demanded to make the customers Internet strategy prosperous. Our broad assortment of Internet services contains:

  • Internet Connectivity Consulting and Implementation
  • Intranet Solutions Planning and Deployment
  • DNS, DHCP and SendMail Consulting
  • Mail Gateway Consulting and Deployment
  • Security Consulting and Implementation Services
  • Database and Integration
  • Web Site Design and Development

Midrange and Enterprise Systems
mfMultiMedia Dental Systems proposes a broad assortment of goods and services to satisfy the needs of our enterprise users. We supply platform solutions for supplement services, compute and database servers, and mass keeping arrangement. Our power resides in our capability to double our platform and cooperation experience with our supplement collaborative services, which let us supply our clients with real systems collaboration. Whether company supplement deployment, interface working out between incomparable systems or executive information systems, we supply with highly qualified solutions with our obligation to customer delectation.

  • High availability, Clustered Servers and Server Farms
  • Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
  • Storage Management Consulting
  • Centralized Storage Solutions
  • Capacity Planning
  • Backup and Data Management
  • Network Attached Storage Systems

Application Integration and Development
puzzleBy supplying supplement collaboration and development, MultiMedia Dental Systems suggests a full Enterprise Solution putting together supplements, legacy systems, Intranet techniques, and the Internet. Our employees of consultants and developers operate with the client to create and work out new systems or improvements and customizations to possessing ones that will help to achieve the final solution. The service offers contain:

  • Java and Intranet Applications Development
  • Microsoft BackOffice Development (Exchange, Outlook, SQL, etc.)
  • Intranet Integration with Legacy Systems, Applications and Data
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning